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          Coffee Colour

                                  Charcoal Colour

            Grey Colour

Mid Groove Hollow Anti Slip Composite Decking Board

Extremely Long-Life – Each board has an expected lifespan of over a quarter of a century meaning that composite decking is cheaper than traditional timber over time.
Minimal Maintenance Required – As the boards are made from plastic they don’t need sanding, sealing or staining. No warped boards to replace.
No Splinters – Unlike natural wood, the man-made boards do not splinter making it safe for bare feet!
Ecologically Sound – Proud to be green. The non-toxic composite decking boards are made from reclaimed and recycled materials including wood fibres and plastics.
Colour Options – Something for everyone. Our composite decking is currently available in 4 striking colour options – Charcoal, Oak, Redwood and Grey.
Resistant to Heat – As the composite material is more resistant to heat than natural wood, the boards do not buckle.
Hidden Screws – Hidden special fixing clips mean that there are no unsightly screws to detract from the aesthetics of the deck.
Non-Slip – Say goodbye to slipping on wet timber deck. Plastic decking is an impressive non-slip alternative.

We are pleased to annouce we now sell SAiGE's Mid Groove Hollow Anti Slip, And Mid Groove Solid Anti Slip Composite Decking Board in 3 different colours! Read why to buy!

SAiGE contemporary decking is available in hollow and solid decking boards.

The hollow range is suitable for residential use as well as light commercial decking areas. The Solid boards have been designed with commercial projects in mind.

The hollow and solid decking range have the same aesthetic, finish and dimensions so can be used in conjunction with each other. We would recommend using the solid boards for steps and edging.

Colours: Coffee | Charcoal | Grey.
Solid Decking: Commercial and Residential use (edging & steps)
Hollow Decking: Residential and Light Commercial use
Profile: Mid Grooved Finish. The reverse of the decking board has a wood grained effect – whilst this can be used as an alternative side (or to create a picture frame effect) SAiGE Decking always recommends using the groove side as the grooves allow for a better water runoff and it has a better anti- slip rating as well as being easier to maintain its original look.
Dimensions: Length: 3.6m x Width: 143mm x Height: 23mm.

At these dimensions, 2 boards or 7.2 linear meters of decking equates to 1 sqm of coverage.  This also means that the hollow and solid boards can be used in conjunction with each other.

Fixings: Solid Decking: Colour Coded Screws.  Hollow: Stainless Steel Hidden Fixing Kits (powder coated black)


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Installation guide on SAiGE Longlife Decking


Installation process on SAiGE Longlife Decking ( Recommend Viewing )

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